Eleanor Mercado Simon-"Spent the most dreamy carefree easy day with Equestrian Lifestyle! Thank you for your vision, art direction, hair and makeup and  incredible photography."

Sarah Heyrman-"I am in love with these pictures taken by Julian. Equestrian Lifestyle is amazing!"

Sarah Obrecht-"Thanks Julian Johnson and Equestrian Lifestyle Photography for the amazing opportunity to take wonderful photos with Stingray, the photos turned out better than I could have imagined!"

Carrie Obrecht-"Thank you Julian Johnson and Equestrian Lifestyle for all these awesome photos! They are all gorgeous and I had so much fun doing it!"

Jeanie Collins-" I would bet this will be a phenomenal success! Right Entrepreneur, superb content and top drawer craftsmanship!"

Janice Stone-"Julian is an amazing artist, kind heart, and sweet man. I know anyone who works with him, as I do often, will love his vision and energy!"

Sara Saltanovitz-"Julian is extremely talented at what he does and is all about perfection. You will leave feeling and looking like the best version of yourself!"

Tim Reed-"Julian's vision and concept he puts together for his shoots takes my breath away.  What he does from makeup, hair style, clothing design and lighting is genius!!  Julian is a true artist!"